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Explorations of the Cyber Self

In an attempt to conceptualize our fermenting relationship with the digital world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Explorations of the Cyber Self interweaves physical and digital realms to create a space where art, technology, and the psyche combine. This virtual exhibition features work from 4 artists across California: 8rutus, ourlastdecember, PWWWRLiNE, and Somaly Son. The visuals and landscapes of the virtual realm were created and curated by Jacquelyn Serrano using a 360 camera, Photoshop, and resources and spaces readily available amidst the pandemic. 

A tour of the exhibition reveals each artist's journey navigating the past year's qualms. Such includes understanding various aspects of the self, which vary from themes of trauma, gender, sexuality, identity, relationships, and connections to society and culture. We are given a variety of content ranging from digital images in real and imaginary spaces to video, unreleased music, sketchbook pages, and tags. Navigating away from the artists' labeled exhibition rooms reveals rooms inside other rooms and hidden artworks. Click here to visit Explorations of the Cyber Self at its home website.

Explorations of the Cyber Self
Explorations of the Cyber Self Hallway
"Nothing 2 Remember" Somaly Son

Artist Interviews

Explorations of the Cyber Self with Somaly Son (5 min 35 sec), 2021

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